Ludum Dare 32

May 9, 2015


Ludum Dare


That’s right, we made a game for the Ludum Dare 32 Game Jam!

Introducing Octopus Odyssey. Follow the link for instructions and download.


Octopus Odyssey Screenshot


Octopus Odyssey Promo

Poke It With A Stick

February 9, 2015

Victor has been doing some claymation work, and came up with a short film: Poke It With A Stick.

Foray into Unity

February 4, 2015

James is going through the Unity tutorial projects in order to familiarize himself with Unity. We’ll be uploading the results to our website. Click on the banner to play the first: Space Shooter!

Space Shooter

A smaller, laptop friendly version is also available here.


February 2, 2015

Welcome to Castle Kingside Games.

The website is finally up! Check back for development updates.